Just plug the rubber bands into the electro-power unit and enjoy thrilling electro-stimulation.

These insertable rings can be used anywhere to provide stimulation which you control with your own power box (power box not included). 

The 2 rubber loops each have a simple rubber ring which can be moved up or down to change the shape of the electro-loops above and below. Move the adjusting ring down and the loop at the top becomes wider, move it up and the top becomes more slim which allows you to use them as an insertable toy more easily.

The rubber loops can be trimmed as small as you like. Two are included, so you can have different sizes available to use wherever you wish. Each loop begins at 12" in length, making them about 6" in length when looped over and connected to the brass lead wire connector point. 

Lead wires and power box not include

Vaginal Ring Electro-Stimulation Set

$12.00 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price