Ultra 7 G-Spot Tip:
A soft & smooth rotating tip probes you deeply & thoroughly in two directions in three powerful speeds.

Internal Rotating Shaft:
Four vertical rows of five give you a total of twenty rotating steel beads that reem you in two directions & in three powerful hot pleasing speeds.

Ultra 7 Clit Hummer:
Clitoral massage at its very best 7 satisfying modes:
* 3 Steady Speeds
* 1 Escalating Mode
* 3 Pulsating Modes

Ultra 7 Controls:
The headquarter of this masterful massage tool is a technologically advanced soft touch control panel with red & orange indicator lights for maximum control.

Waterproof Battery Pack:
A triple cartridge power park uses 3 AAA batteries 

Ultra 7 Hummer

$49.00 Regular Price
$19.60Sale Price