Keep the party going! PlayOn Water-based Personal Lubricant is a high quality water-based lubricant designed to lubricate and moisturise your intimate areas, supplementing the body's natural lubrication for added pleasure. Personal lubricant not only adds moisture, it also enhances the sensations during sex by providing a silky smooth glide wherever you need it. 

Water based personal lubricants are probably the most versatile in that they are safe for all sexual adventures.
They're safe for use in oral sex & safe to use with condoms.
They're easy to wash off and feel more like a woman's natural vaginal lubrication.

Water-Based Personal Lubricant features:

Thick water-based formula

Clings, stretches, stays

A toy's best friend

Long lasting

Bye Bye stained sheets

Manufactured at a FDA approved facility

pH balanced and paraben free

240ml pump bottle


PlayOn Water Based Personal Lubricant 240ml

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