Conveniently double sided, the coloured side is soft and supple with a concave design that moulds against the sensitive and often overlooked vulva; it's ideal for enhancing stimulation and to experience the S2's powerful vibrations against the clit. The opposite side is delightfully firm and carries the vibrations deeper, creating a massage that will take you for an energetic ride.

Use the S2 lying down, hands-free, or in the hands of your partner; a creative mind will find lots of ways to utilize the concave shape and powerful vibes of the S2.

German-designed, the S2 is stocked with the best of technology and modern design, drawing on a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery to run its intense stimulation patterns. Despite the full power emanating throughout both sides it remains wonderfully quiet, ensuring that playtime remains private. A waterproof design enables you to massage some tension out with the S2 along with the warm water of the bath or shower.

The S2 is made from a premium silicone, whose multiple benefits and few downsides make it an ideal choice for a sex toy. It feels soft and smooth, transmits both vibrations and heat with relative ease, and is completely body-safe. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial, silicone's only downside is that it can't be used along with other silicone products like silicone-based lube.
15 years Warranty

OVO S2 Rechargeable Lay On - Light Blue

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